Interface suggestion for color fonts

Hello, I was talking with Mark Frömberg and he suggested that I write about it on the glyphs forum: working with colour fonts could be a lot faster and easier in Glyphs in comparison to what it is now. If I want to change colour or layer order to see how my font behaves in different combinations I always have to bring up the font info window, change the parameter of each master and close the window each time to see the effect. How about giving user the ability to change colour right in the layers palette where there are the little circle colour indicators? That would enable user to see the effect right away.

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I believe what you can do already, is click on it and switch between already defined colors. You want to change one of the defined colors, right?

No, I don’t mean color palettes. I mean layered color fonts. And ability to freely change colors for each layer with RGB sliders or something similar. And also the ability to change the order of layers by simply drag and drop.

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Dragging the masters is to dangerous and rarely useful (in other use cases) that I don’t think it is useful.

I think about the color change UI.