Interlocking calt code


I’m trying to setup a calt feature: in La Le Li Lo Lu, the interlocking code should replace the L with L.long and the vowels class for a vowel.high class.

this is the code i have now and each line works by itself but each one overrides the previous one.

sub L @vowel’ by @vowel.high;
sub L’ @vowel by L.long;

How can i fix my code?
Thanks in advance.

This should work.

sub L' @vowel by L.long;
sub L.long @vowel' by @vowel.high;

Didn’t try this, if it doesn’t work, this should:

lookup L_lookup {
    sub L' @vowel by L.long;
} L_lookup;
lookup Vowel_lookup {
    sub L.long @vowel' by @vowel.high;
} Vowel_lookup;