Intermediate: Interpolate at 110 and export as 100


I have a feature request for the Intermediate Layer.

For me, this is a typical scenario: In a two masters font (monolinear) I work with a lot of Intermediates, as the Black Master needs many adjustments, for example the lowercase /s: normal stem width is 200, for the /s in Black its 180.
The generated Intermediate at 100 is too light, the stems will probably have a stem value of 90 instead of 100. That’s why I generate the Intermediate at 110 and manually set the value back at 100, without to interpolate again. That way, the stems will have the width of 100.

I think it’s possible to have a smarter workaround for that. Something like
{Interpolate at 110 & Export as 100}
{110 @ 100}

Does this make sense? For sure, afterwards the alignment zones need to be adjusted, also the anchors might be places too high.

That extra value would only be needed when re-interpolating. Adding that functionality to the intermediate UI would be more confusing than it would help. Some other place or re-interpolation function should cover that. I’ll have a look