Intermediate layer Variable bug in a single glyph (E)

I have a multiple master font with three axes (Weight, Width, Italic).
The co-ordindates look like this:
wdth 20-100
wght 100-900
ital 0-1

Some letters have intermediate layers.
Intermediate layers all sit square on the co-ordinates, see image below:

The intermediate coordinates in the G and E are set up identically.

However, on export in the Variable font, the intermediate layers of the E appear to be broken. All other letters (like G and others too) are working well,

I’m using 3.2 (3221)
So, what have I done wrong here?

Can you send me the file?

Yep, will do

Works for me:

Interesting … perhaps it’s just a Photoshop problem then. Oh well.
Cheers Georg