Interpolation Ascender Problems

I’m having an issue, with a few fonts, where my interpolated weights are not obeying their Ascender height. It’s difficult to explain. So here’s what it looks like:

[imgs= png]A’s all wonky[/imgs]

I’ve checked the Ascender in the masters, and added typoAscender data into the Masters and Instances. I’ve also tried duplicating the glyphs files and re-exporting.

Can you send us the .gkyphs file?

If this is an Illustrator screenshot, the problem most likely is not your font, but the way AI calculates the baseline offset. By default, it measures a few glyphs in the font. You can change that behavior within AI though. Search the forum for ‘illustrator ascender’, or the like. We had this about a year ago.

Edit: look at the last posting in this thread: