Interpolation doesn't work smooth in Illustrator/Photoshop


I have a basic variable font with one axis (width), and 5 to 7 letters don’t interpolate in illustrator or photoshop, but everything works smooth with wakamaifondue or font gauntlet. Do I have to convert the font after the export from glyphs or could this be a mistake inside my masters? I checked the setup and it should be fine but maybe I overlooked something important? Thanks for your help.

Adobe’s OTVar implementation is buggy, unfortunately. See the Variable Font tutorial for details, possible workarounds, and how to submit a bugreport to Adobe.

Hi ,

thank you so much for your fast answer.
I tried do change the starting point of the path, but this has no effect on the problem. If there is anything else I could try, please let me know. I need to print layouted pages with the font, is there any other text-tool, which supports the variable format?

Only some letters affected? If so, what is your designspace setup?

I had a look at the file and I think I understand what the problem is. I’ll see if I can fix this.

Yes only some, but always the same ones.
Oh wow, thank you for your fast answer. This sounds promising. I’m curious what it is.

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