Interpolation in script typeface



I’m having a problem with a script typeface (with 2 masters, 4 instances).
When I look at the glyphs file everything seems fine but on some exported weights there’s a little bump in the connections… any idea what this might be and how to fix it?



Can you post a screenshot?


Sure! This only happens with the exported instances.


You mean the small corner on the connection. That can happen because if rounding errors. So you need to draw the connection in a way that this would be less visible by adding an egg shape to the end of the connector on the a and s. When those overlap an there is a slight misalignment it is not visible.


yes I mean that. So do I have to do what you suggested in the exported file only?


No, draw your masters like this.


Thanks Georg!


Hi again Georg,
I tried to figure out by myself what you meant with egg shape and fix this but I’m afraid I can’t.
Can you please clarify (or exemplify with a picture or something) what you meant?


I believe rounded stroke endings like Noodler would do them.


Thank you!


Instead of this:

do this:


OK. Thanks!