Interpolation of weights

Hello, I wanted to interpolate styles from Thin to Bold with Glyphs2. Here is an example:


Unfortunately, I get results like this:
Is there a way to get just one stroke weight? Maybe with a plugin?

And I have an additional question: With Glyphs2, I just need to select all glyphs, and then I can interpolate all glyphs here:

If I use Glyphs3, I need to do it manually with every glyph. Isn’t there a way to interpolate the whole style with all glyphs by one click?


Take a look at brace layers, which may solve your problem. They allow you to define an intermediate master so that you can manually adjust, the classic example of the this is the crossbar on a lowercase “e”: Additional masters for individual glyphs: the brace trick in Glyphs 2 | Glyphs

Interesting, thank you! How does it work with Glyphs3? And do you have an answer to my second question?

In Glyphs 3, you create a new layer, right click it, and choose “Intermediate master” as the layer type. Then you set up the axis locations through a UI, in contrast to Glyphs 2, where it relies strictly on the name of the layer being in brackets and having the right values

oh and about your second question: if you want to interpolate the whole style, then why define it as a master in the first place? you can export it as an instance without needing a master for it if it’s 100% interpolation.

if you want to make a new master anyway, one method would be creating an instance at the axis location (weight) you desire, in between masters, and then you can add that instance as a master

You can use open corners to keep diagonals parallel:


If I recall correctly, this won’t work in a variable font. The outlines will not interpolate the same way.

No, that should work the same in a VF. What is tricky in VF are outside corners. But that’s not the case here.