Interpolation preview stopped working

The interpolation preview script by Eweracs, which has been a holy grail in my workflow, suddenly stopped working today. I kept clicking but it does not open any dialog. (For reference, I am using Glyphs version 3.1.2 (3151) in MacOs Sonoma 14.3.1.).

Can you check the macro window for errors?

What Georg says, then I can fix the script. Can I ask what you are using it for? There is probably a much more efficient solution, I’ve been wanting to rewrite that script for a long time. Some insight on usage would be a great help!

Here’s a screenshot of the macro window when I run the script

@SCarewe I have been using it to easily preview how the interpolation behaves :pray: Before I used to export the font every time and run it through the dinamo’s font gauntlet.

This looks like the same issue as this one:

I see. That makes sense. I do, however, highly recommend using the Variable Font Preview plugin, it’s extremely useful. It’s a one-time purchase.

Remove and re-install the Python module in the Plugin Manager.

Thank you @GeorgSeifert @FlorianPircher reinstalling python worked! (tho I had to reinstall a bunch of other plugins as well in the process, but all good now!)

And thank you @SCarewe for making this script available for free! I only needed a straightforward and lightweight way to preview the variation at the moment. (Will definitely check out that plugin once the need for complex visualizations arise!)