Introducing my new font family!

Hey Glyphers and Happy New Year !
I’m thrilled to announce that my new font family «Balter Serif » is out !


The least I can say is that people over here really help helped me to manage with his wonderful tool called Glyphs !
I particularly want to thank @GeorgSeifert, @mekkablue, @Elena and @George_Thomas.
So as usual, you’ll find a little wink to you guys in 4 of my poster images !

Tell me if you find them ! :grinning:


Awesome font! You are very talented!
Found myself (twice), Rainer and Georg on the images :smile:

Thanks, @elena ! It means a lot to me :pray:
Glad you like it !

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This is gorgeous! Well done :clap:

Thanks, @typeler, honored you like it too !