Invalid font file in Windows

I’ve exported my font family, which works fine in OSX, but when I try to install in WIndows, I get a dialog that says it’s an invalid font file. My friend Judy Aasen-Safren suggested there was something wrong with the table, and suggested Font Chef, but I have no idea how to use it or the older font validator. I don’t even know what a font table is. Can you help a n00b?

You can try running Update Glyph Info from the Glyph menu.

Font Chef as in

Inside the font file, all information is organized and stored in tables. Each table has a name and a four-letter tag. And each table has special requirements. More info:

Windows may audit some info in some tables to decide whether the font is OK or not.

Download Font Validator 2.1.1:

Run the tests, look for the (red) errors.

Read the naming tutorial: