Invalid token in liga feature

I just updated to Glyphs 2.3. and I had this error:

Make OTF error
Error: “invalid token (text was “?”)” in Feature liga in line: 1

I have alternate r (r.ss01) and if I put a simple liga feature:

sub B r’ by r.ss01;

This error occurs. Any idea what is goin on?

I have no Opentype or kening classes yet. And same error comes if I create a new file and test this. This worked perfectly before update.

This is a non-ASCII tick mark. Right-click and disable substitutions.

It’s extremely annoying that this keeps happening every time you relaunch Glyphs, though. Couldn’t it remember that choice? Of course, ideally, it would be always off. No doubt a lot of people will be stumped by this error time and again otherwise.

Fixed in the latest cutting edge. You can turn it off globally.