Inverted components?

Hi Forum!

Quick question: is it possible to insert a component with inverted outlines? I’m trying to have the same figures in both white and black circled numbers.

Select the component on the canvas and then select Reverse in the bottom right of the window.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-25 um 16.15.43

If the “Component” section is not visible press ⌥⌘I.

You can also choose Mask which is often better than simply reversing the path direction. (For example, if the component is not fully contained by the shape behind it.)


This parameter eluded me so far, thank you so much for pointing it up, Florian! :pray:

But it seems to me that masked as well as reversed components prevent exporting ttf variable fonts. Is that true?

That will very likely break compatibility, yes.

Ok, thank you, that means black circled figures need to be decomposed for variable fonts, right?

Can you send me the file. That I can check what happens.