"invisible" masters

So today I opened up a file I had not worked in a while, and found only 2 of the 4 masters I had. I thought I must have somehow deleted them by mistake, but the thing is, instances are being generated from the missing masters!

I had 4 masters: thin–>bold and thin italic–>bold italic The italic masters are missing, both from the tabs on top of the font window, and from the masters pane. But if I select “view all interpolations” or see the instances window, the italics are there, I just can’t access/edit them. They also get generated when I export the font.



Font edit window:


Can you send me the .glyphs file. And possibly an older version that still worked?

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I had a look at the files. The new file uses transform filter to produce a slanted version on from the upright, only the ‘a’ is switched to show the different outline. So it seems to be a deliberate change to the file.

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d’oh. i feel really stupid for wasting your time. thanks for the help :slight_smile: