Invisible Path in Shape Order?

My 2 masters aren’t compatible even though they have the same number of points. I used “Correct Path Direction for All Masters” and also manually moved the lines using “Show Master Compatibility.”

Unfortunately, they still aren’t compatible and using the “Shape Order”, I see a “phantom/invisible” path for the italic “B” and not for the black italic “B.” Is this a bug or am I missing something?

can you send me that file?

This can sometimes happen if you use plugins like Magic Remover (although I think this was fixed). Use the Tidy Up Paths command to fix it.

I’ve sent you the file so please let me know if there’s any easy fix for this!

Did you try running Tidy Up Paths?

If there is just one glyph with such an issue, than what about…

  1. Select the character paths by double click each of them with the Shift key. Notice that it’s not the same as Cmd+A selection.
  2. Cut selected by Cmd+X.
  3. Remove everything that remains (that invisible path) by Cmd+A and Delete.
  4. Paste character paths back by Cmd+V.

At that point, you can reverse selection with Cmd-Opt-Shift-I and then press Delete.

Or a simple Tidy Up Paths should catch those as well.

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