"is in list filter x" as smart filter criterion?

I would find it super useful to be able to make a smart filter with a criterion specifying that the glyph is part of an existing list filter, e.g. [Included in List Filter (MyCharacterSet)].
That would be useful for combining with other criteria, e.g.
[Included in List Filter (MyCharacterSet)] +
[Color Label][is][red]

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You can combine multiple categories/languages/filters by holding the command button.

Ah, that almost solves it, but that produces the union of the two filters, and I’m wanting the intersection of them. (I want “in MyCharacterSet” AND “red”, not “in MyCharacterSet” OR “red”.)

Oh you’re right. I don’t think there is a way to to that then. It would be a nice addition to the smart filters though.


This would be very useful. At the moment I’m having to achieve the same effect by giving all glyphs in one Filter a colour label (manually maintaining these labels based on changes to that Filter) and adding this colour label as a criterion within a seperate Smart Filter. If I could directly target the other Filter itself as a criterion, instead of the manually maintained colour label, this would save a lot of time.

Very often I’m wanting to be able to use other existing lists/filters to create other lists. Saying “if X is in Y-list” or “if X is not in Z-list”.

I could imagine that it’s possible to do this similar to the ‘script’ smart filter – so the options could be [Filter] [is in, is not in] [dynamic list of filters]

One thought: there could be potential problems if a filter-inside-a-filter get deleted. In that case, there would need to be some indication that the other filter is now broken.

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