Is it legally okay to modify vertical metrics of the font I bought?

Hi, this is more like a forum-question rather than the usual Glyphs-functionality-question.

I am recently developing an app using multiple fonts, and the vertical alignment characteristics of the fonts I am using are slightly different from each other; I can’t find a way to consistently make them vertically centered.

The ‘easiest’ solution I can think of is to modify the vertical metric table of the fonts, but I am not sure whether it is legal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Depends on the EULA of each individual font. Some vendors allow modifications, some do not.

But what you describe should be fixable through CSS.

Oh sorry I completely forgot about this post.

Thanks for the answer!

It was not an web-app, but a native app, so I couldn’t use CSS.

But anyway I can modify the text attributes through rich text API.

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