Is it normal for Vertical Metrics Manager to ask me for a Python code?

Hi, I’m trying to use Vertical Metrics Manager to add custom parameters but whenever I press ‘apply to fonts’ Macro appears and asks me to run Python code? I also got a crash prompt (please see screenshot) I’ve seen my instructor run vertical metrics manager but Macro doesn’t show up on hers. Did I miss or do something?

This is the screenshot of Vertical Metrics Manager with Macro showing up after I press apply to fonts

That is an error message that says what was going wrong. It more intended for the developer of that script/plugin. Click the “Send Report”. That will help to improve/fix this.

What is your setting in Glyphs > Preferences > Addons > Python version?

3.9.1 Glyphs!

Seems to work now all I did was install the modules (Font tools, Python, etc) in plugin manager and restart the app!

Hello! I have the same problem. How could you solve it?
I have Python 3.9.1

Did you follow these steps?

Thanks(? @SCarewe But I have all that installed, it still doesn’t work :smiling_face_with_tear:

What Python version do you have selected? The one which says (Glyphs)?

Since when do you have this issue?

I haven’t used this script for a long time, I just opened it yesterday and it showed me this error

I have Python 3.9.1

Captura de Pantalla 2023-02-15 a la(s) 14.07.01

Can you uninstall, reinstall the modules, then best to restart the Mac.

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I just did this and it still doesn’t work. I reinstalled the folder with scripts but the problem remains. I keep getting the same box with the same error.

maybe I can reinstall the program from 0 (? I’ll try this and tell you how it goes

Please go to the script folder and remove the Glyphs Python module directly from the plugin manager (it usually takes some time depending on your internet connection). Then restart Glyphs and check if the python shows up in Preferences > Addons.

The problem is that when you install Python from the dialog that asks for it, you might restart Glyphs before the installation is finished. I need to add a modal progress dialog to prevent this.

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