Is it normal for Vertical Metrics Manager to ask me for a Python code?

Hi, I’m trying to use Vertical Metrics Manager to add custom parameters but whenever I press ‘apply to fonts’ Macro appears and asks me to run Python code? I also got a crash prompt (please see screenshot) I’ve seen my instructor run vertical metrics manager but Macro doesn’t show up on hers. Did I miss or do something?

This is the screenshot of Vertical Metrics Manager with Macro showing up after I press apply to fonts

That is an error message that says what was going wrong. It more intended for the developer of that script/plugin. Click the “Send Report”. That will help to improve/fix this.

What is your setting in Glyphs > Preferences > Addons > Python version?

3.9.1 Glyphs!

Seems to work now all I did was install the modules (Font tools, Python, etc) in plugin manager and restart the app!