Is it possible to change the category of all glyphs in a certain category into a different one on export?

A possible to solution to a certain issue I am having would possible be to change all the glyphs under a certain category into a different one on export. Would this be possible to implement in some way?

What glyphs and what categories should change? Can you give some examples?

What I would like to do is to rename the category of all combining mark letters such as acomb, bcomb and ccomb to “Mark Letter” or something similar.

This should cause these marks to be sorted in a different line than regular symbol combining marks (caroncomb, ringcomb, dotcomb…).

The issue is that the “comb” category affects how marks combine with other letters in an exported font, so I would need some way to rename them on export for them to work correctly.

What I want to find is simply a way to have mark symbols and mark letters to no longer be sorted in the same line, and that I believe this would be a simple way to accomplish that.

I still don’t understand what you are trying to do. You said you like to change the category. But the category is only used on export and not in the final font (except in for the combining marks in the GDEF table). So do you like to change the glyph name? That could be done by manually setting the production name (either in the file itself or in a custom glyphData).

And what should those “acomb” glyphs do?

I’ll send an image.