Is it possible to create an Emoji Font?

Hi guys,

we have been trying to create a font with different layers, but we are not able to make it work with some devices. We have been successful in building it for working with IE and Firefox, but it is not working for the other browsers (it is displaying only the black contourn).

We have seen that in 2013 Glyphs was not supporting the creation of Emoji fonts, but I see them as a custom coloured fonts, aren’t they? Could you please give us some advice in order to create them?

Thanks you in advance.

Different browsers/systems support different kinds of color fonts. There is a chapter about it in the handbook. And there are some recent additions for SVG-based color fonts that are only documented in the blog post:

The main problem is that there are several formats of color fonts and most browsers do support only some of them. Firefox does support Colr/Cpal and SVG fonts, Internet explorer (win10) supplest those and Apples sbix and Safari only sbix. Chrome in win10 supports Colr/Cpal but not its own color format.
So you need sbix and Colr (or SVG) table to support most users.

The main problem we have is that we are not expert users of Glyphs, so it is difficult to understand how to make it without a tutorial…is there any tutorial available?

Yes. Please search for Color in the tutorial section of the website

Hi George,

I think there are some steps hidden in that tutorials, In order to create a font for all browsers:

  1. Should I have differents layers (SVG, Bitmap, iColor…) and it would export successfully?
  2. What I have to put on the master layer (if we keep it blank we are not able to display nothing, however if we put anything else we will see black contorn)
  3. Can we put sbix and CPAL tables together or we have to create 2 different fonts?
  4. Using bitmaps thw width of the font is not working correctly

Thanks in advance

Having an sbix and Colr table in the same font is a bit tricky. Apple always renders the default outlines on top of the images.

What you could do is to write some AAT code that switches the letters and because AAT is only used in Safari. Otherwise you need two fonts.

Could I do that with bitmaps? I can see the font in the OS X Unicode Checker. However not in Firefox or Chrome

You mean the sbix images? Firefox and Chrome do not support sbix. The OS X font renderer does, and UnicodeChecker makes use of that.