Is it possible to overwrite each master color on color font export?

I’ve created a color font with this glyphs app tutorial then add an export instance with color layers to COLR and svg , it’s working perfect.
is it possible to overwrite master colors(= color layers) on multiple export instances to export different color versions of the same source?

You can add a “Color Palettes” parameter in the font settings and add two or more palettes. Then add a “Color Palette for CPAL” with the index of the palette you like to use for that instance. Have a look at the file:
Color layer test.glyphs (1.7 KB)

It’s working fine for CPAL but not working for SVG table, i also tried to set ‘Color Palette for SVG’ but still pick colors from the masters.

I wasn’t even expecting it to work for the COLR table ;). I need to have a look at the SVG export.

Ok :slight_smile:
(and yes please)