Is my font ready? How can I understand that?

I’m really sorry to post this blonde style question. But I’m now working on my first font. Can anybody please advise me on some kind of a check-list to make sure the font is finalized. I have 245 glyphs (including diacritics, punctuation, numbers), language systems features include DFLT, Latn Dflt, Latn CRT, Latn Tat, Latn Kaz, Latn Trk, Latn Aze, uppercase and lowercase for germandbls (for some reason I still don’t have German in language systems). uppercase in classes and features aalt, ccmp, locl, calt, ordn. What other features/whatever/ I must include in my font to make sure its finalized?
PS: I am not including ligatures because my design doesn’t require them
PS2: when I’m using my font in AI everything looks fine but I’m still nervous that I might be missing something

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Testing testing testing.

There are the Foundry guide resources by Monotype/MyFonts that may help you a little. Or ask a colleague for help and let him or her go through your font.

245 seems little. But may be enough for a special purpose.

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Don’t be nervous. Fonts are never truly ready. It is an ongoing process and you can always update it later.

For example if you look at any of the top performing typefaces, there have been numerous updates done after the fact.

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Thank you-)))) I meant the necessary minimum, especially number of features. Because I am checked other fonts and all of them have different number of features and I am a bit lost

The number of features has nothing to do with the level of perfection.

Features are only important to niche users and it depends if you made a font that can be used by niche users at the first place.

If you designed an editorial font then probably features will be very important. On the other hand if you made a rough brushy font or a display font, then probably not so important.

Having said this, you can have no features at all if the font is not intended as aforementioned :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your explanation. Yes, my font is mostly a display font (at first place). It could be used in articles as well but at a certain pt