Is nudge broken in 983

I’ve been having lots of trouble with nudge in 983. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and I can’t find a cause. I haven’t had this problem with the 2.4 betas, but bugs in those keep sending me back to 2.3. Is this happening to anybody else?

Which bug in the latest 2.4.2b? It’s been very stable for me.

Can you please check the latest cutting edge version. It is very stable and we plan to release it soon.

Whatever went out yesterday wasn’t sorting glyphs correctly. For example, one came after seven.

And 2.4 just froze when I renamed two glyphs. 2.4 is barely usable, much less almost ready for release. I‘ve had to go back to 2.3 numerous times with the 2.4 releases.

I wonder if there is another incompatibility because I have been using 2.4.2 for a while now. 2.4 had more problems.

Which OS and which plugins are you using? And have you updated all plugins?

I think the problems today were caused by RMX corrupting a file. But the other stuff was just Glyphs. I’m using 10.12.5

No crashes, no problems with 2.4.2 [1038] since downgrading to 10.10.5 last year. When I was running 10.11 I did have problems (mainly crashes), and although I have 10.12 on another drive I don’t use it because of problems reported in non-font support forums.

I’m still having trouble with nudge only working intermittently in 938 and 1038. The mouse functionality works, but shortcuts only work intermittently in both axes. When they don’t work the selected nodes won’t move at all with ctrl+shift+opt. It’s sometimes only a problem when I use the shift key to nudge in increments of 10. Increments of 1 are usually fine. Other times nothing moves.

I disabled all plugins but RMX. Should I send the working file in?

Update: removing RMX doesn’t fix it.

If the shortcut does not work, I tend to think that there’s something interfering on the system level. Do you have tablet software installed? Something like Wacom? That one has proven to be the culprit a lot of times.

I figured it out. I swapped the opt and cmd modifier keys in System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys. And I recently switched to an Apple wireless magic keyboard. Glyphs doesn’t like this new combination.

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The only other software I have installed is Kensington mouseworks. I’ve never had trouble before. I have switched to an Apple wireless keyboard and recently installed Apple’s big OS update.

Can you send the file and a small screencast?

Here’s a screencast:

The screencast shows nudge working with the mouse and/up down shortcuts. It can’t show the problem—nothing happens with left/right shortcuts. There’s no need to send a file; this happens with any file. The only extra software I have is Trackball Works. But I’ve never had trouble with Kensington drivers (I’ve used them since the 1990s) and they shouldn’t interact with the keyboard anyway.

Does Nudge left/right work in any other app version for you? This sounds more like ctrl-alt-left/right is reserved by a system shortcut.

This is where it gets interesting. I was trying to figure out when the bug appeared. I tried using a wired keyboard and the problem was gone. I think it must be a problem with Apple’s magic keyboard driver. Do you guys know how I can report this to Apple without having to use the Apple support forum?

There is an official bug reporter: but you might need an developer account to use it.

It won’t accept my account for the bug report. Maybe I’ll document it as an image and tweet it at those arrogant twats.