Is possible write my own UNICODE?


I did font, but now I have to add some new glyphs and I want to get new glyphs on place which I want. It is possible?? I think that one way is, that I can write myself UNICODE for the glyphs. It is possible??

Thank you and sorry for my English…

You don’t need to deal with the unicode yourself, it will be assigned automatically if you use the correct glyph name. You can search for the name in the Glyph Info Window (and you can add the glyph from there). Or you add the glyph from the sidebar by right clicking any entry with a badge.

If you really need to write your own unicode, check the “Use custom Names” in Font Info > Other Settings. Then you can write in the unicode field in the Info Box (in the lower left in Font View).

I understand but I really need write my own unicode. I try it what you wrote there, but it is not working :frowning: It looks good in application glyphs, but I need it works in Word in Windows and there I can’t see this spacial glyphs!! :frowning: Whyy?? :frowning:
And there are not new special characters what I add it…

As Georg said in the second paragraph, you can enter whatever Unicode value in a glyph if you activate “Use Custom Names” in Font Info. I suggest that you use the values from PUA (Private Use Area, U+E000–U+F8FF).

Microsoft Word have terrible support for fancy OpenType features like stylistic alternates. If you desperately want to support it, then PUA may be the best option.

Which Unicodes do you need to write yourself? What are you trying to achieve?

So I have special font with special characters. I now I need add some glyphs into this font… And in this word it is sorted by Unicode, so I think, that my one way is write my own unicode for best sort what I want…

Or do you have better solution for me?? :smile:
Thank you!! :slight_smile:

I suppose you want to put glyphs in the PUA. Just name them uniE000 and so on, the Unicode value will be set automatically from the name. You can generate a range with Glyph > Add Glyphs…, typing uniE000:uniE0FF (glyph names separated by colon), and pressing Generate.

In any event, please read this: