Is the Unicode fully supported?

Is the Unicode fully supported? Has it to Unicode 15.0?

[截屏2022-10-12 08.42.06.png (956×1430)](file:///Users/i/Desktop/%E6%88%AA%E5%B1%8F2022-10-12%2008.42.06.png)

Why can’t I insert a picture?

What are you trying to do? These are smart filters. They are not for inserting new glyphs, they are for filtering existing glyphs.

Unicode in the CJK expansion area cannot be automatically recognized before, and the new version of Glyphs can be recognized.Does the new version add a complete support for Unicode?

Try it and tell us if you are missing something.

Yes, unicode is now fully supported.
There will be strange problems when the filter name is used in Chinese. Sometimes there is nothing. Is it unable to use the Chinese name after being before and suddenly?

Can you send me the text that you used as a filter name?

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this:CJK - 扩展D区 222

You can try to insert a character in the name box, then you will find that the Chinese characters suddenly disappeared, or moved to the back, which is very strange.

The string works for me?

CJK - 扩展D区 222

That’s all that’s in the name box.

I suspect that the input content in the name box is incompatible with Chinese. Chinese is a word with two bytes in length, while English is a byte, which may be related to the encoding method.

I can also cate a smart filter with the name by pasting the text “CJK - 扩展D区 222” into the name field. It this an issue with your input method?

Can you do a small screencast of that issue?

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Not every time. There is no reproduction just now. Can only be described. When you want to enter or modify the name box, the cursor can not be located, the name box in Chinese, from time to time, before and after. It’s weird.