Is there a way for ligatures to automatically combine?

I’ve created many ligatures but will provide just one example to communicate my question. I’ve created o_w.liga and w_r.liga. These work great on their own. But how about cases where owr would call for the need of a 3 letter ligature. I can’t think of a real word that has owr in it, but you get the point. When I type owr, it only activates one of the ligatures. Is there some sort of code to combine ligatures when that may happen? Or would I just need to create o_w_r.liga etc. That’s fine if I need to, I just figured there may be an easier way.

“Lowrider”, a type of customized car in the US, is one such word. :slight_smile:

IMHO the best solution, in lieu of all specialized ligatures, is to create alt versions of letters which have special connection needs. Then it becomes a simple substitution, i.e “owr” when typed would actually use “o w r.alt”.

Ah! Lowrider is a perfect example haha. I hadn’t thought of that. Oh okay, that’s a good point. I will look into how to use .alt letters, thanks!

I have a similar problem with a font that has a lot of (unusual) ligatures. For example: the german word “alleine”. Well I have a ligature for “al” and “ll”. But then in the word “alleine” only the ligature “al” is activated, but not “ll”. Is there a way to solve this without having to create “all” as a ligature, separate character?
Thanks for your help! Greetings, Basil

You can’t have two ligatures acting on the same glyphs. So either one of the two will be appleid.

okey, thanks for the answer. I thought there might be a solution to this problem. :man_shrugging:

You can try creating contextual alternative glyphs which connect to other glyphs on their left and/or right side. This approach is used, for example, by many handwritten-style fonts.