Is there a way to apply the value of Smart Component to multiple glyphs at the same time?


There is a Smart Component with a Height value.

I adjusted this Height value as much as I needed in a particular glyph.

Is there a way to apply this adjusted value to multiple other glyphs at the same time?

Currently, I’m adjusting the slider by selecting each glyph one by one.

I want to adjust the figure at once because there is a lot of glyph to work on.

How many components are in those glyphs?

I’ve always wished there was a Smart Component “command center” where you can control the parameter values across multiple glyphs.

There is/was a plugin by Leedotype that seemed promising but I’ve never seen a demo or public release.

Overall, there are approximately 600 components, which are distributed to about 2,000 characters.

One glyph contains a minimum of two components and a maximum of six components.

That’s too bad.

But I see the need for such a tool.

I need to understand the workflow better.
How to target the components in the other glyphs? You probably don’t want to change all instance of that component? And sometimes you might want to change all the first components?

Most fundamentally, I hope that the function of pasting will be improved.

After I’ve already copied the vector in the edit window,
I want you to simultaneously select the glyph I want to paste this vector into in the glyph list window and then paste it when I press Cmd+v.

The current Glyphs UI is too rigid.
Expressing East Asian languages like mine desperately requires “the ability to do many things at the same time.”

There’s a mekkablue script called Component Mover that should cover this for the lost part.

Do you mean you like to copy in edit view, then go to the font view, select some glyphs and paste into all of them?

I’m eager to learn what you need. Please keep explain, suggesting …

If this is possible, we will be able to easily create a value-modified smart component at the same time, as I asked at the beginning.

Thank you so much.