Is there a way to control the order of or Alphabetize the "Other" category of glyphs?

I have a few hundred components that I ideally I would like to have automatically alphabetized every time I add or delete or change the name of the component. I can get this to work by putting them into a category under list view, but this doesn’t work in that the category (Other or Miscellaneous or anything that I enter) displays and alphabetizes the components by changing the ID order, but when I reopen the font, the category that I added under list view disappears and if change the name of any one of the components that I added a changed, the alphabetizing is undone and IDs changed bac. Is it allowed to manually add a category? How do categories work. Why is the category that I manually typed in no longer displayed and maybe not there anymore upon reopening. Just wondering how this works?

So I was manually entering category in list view, instead of entering category in menu window “Edit;Info for selection”, so the bug here seems to be that the ability to enter the category in list view by clicking on the entry should be disabled and only entry through the “Edit:Info for selection” window should be allowed. This might also apply to other fields in list view.

The “Other” glyphs should sort themself. Can you send me the file if they don’t?