Is there a way to have a combining mark add spacing to a letter?

In other words, make it so that a letter with a combining mark attached will add spacing to the combined glyph.

This is only possible with some tricks. If the mark has some spacing, it should be ignored, but some layout engaged still apply it. But you can’t rely on that.

There are several options.

  1. don’t use anchors but position the mark with kerning.
  2. add some contextual GPOS to change the width of the base glyph when the mark is following it.

1: Thanks I’ll try that.
2: What do you mean by this exactly?

I have another follow up question, but I’ll put that one in a new post with a more fitting name.

For example:

pos x' <0 0 100 0> @combmarks;

I added an example in the other thread.