Is there a way to slant the grid for italic fonts?

Is there a way to slant the grid so that you can move points in italic fonts directly up and down along the slanted line? Right now the grid is still at 90˙ so the points jump around when moving them.

That is a technical limitation. In opentype fonts, the grid is straight. But you can set a Subdivision of 10 or 100 for higher precision in File > Font Info > Other Settings.

Isn’t it true though that on export the subdivided nodes will still round to the main grid?

TTF get rounded, but OTFs can keep the finer grid. But there are som apps incompatible with it, namely quark XPress and some older printer drivers.

So essentially the subdivision is just grid-snapping floating point although to a much finer grid?

Thank you, I will try that for now.

It would be nice if there was a toggle or some key that could keep a point on its ‘line’ but able to move on it, similar to how holding the SHIFT key keeps everything at 0, 90 or 45 degrees. I’ve always had the same note with Illustrator, FontLab…and every other vector program.

Option key will do that for you, in combination with the arrow keys.