Is there a way to upload procreate brush strokes directly to Glyphs app?

Hey guys,

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I have a question concerning procreate brushes — I am trying to make a brush based font from my brush strokes done/designed on procreate.

I have uploaded them on Adobe Illustrator in order to vectorise them however they tend to lose its texture? Is there a possibility to upload the brushes directly to Glyphs app but still keep the texture/originality of the brush?

Thanks in advance!

Can you show a screenshot of one of the shapes that is using such a brush?

Good day Georg,

Sure thing! Here you go!

The problem is that fonts contain outlines and not pixel images (there are some color font formats that do). So if you trace the image with enough detail that it resembles the appearance, you’ll end up with too many nodes. Or you set up a color font and use the images as is. Then you have much bigger font files and have all the disadvantages of pixels (scalability).

Thank you for your response, Georg.