Is there an easy short cut to go to next and previous glyph?

Could we use {command-greater & and command lesserthan} or any such thing. to move to next and previous glyph visible? Sure would speed up getting around.

In text mode, you can quickly go from one glyph to the following by first moving the cursor in front of it, and then pressing the Home and End keys on your keyboard. On a MacBook keyboard, you can press Fn and the left and right arrow keys to advance or go back through your glyph set

See for more navigation tips.

The thing I am trying to avoid is any mouse work which makes me move my hands too much. To me what is effective in like a spreadsheet data entry. You just type and tab, then type and tab. I know I can get to the next item your way, but hope this is not the forever way. Would it be that difficult to include a feature like this in a future revision?

You mean you like something you can do with the left hand only?

I have the hand on he arrow keys most of the time and only move to the mouse to select stuff. So Fn+left/right (I only use the compact keyboards) is very easy. But I’ll think about this.

You say “Fn” is that a function key? Which one, there are 15?

It is only on the macBook Style keys. There is on the lower left below the shift key.

On an extended keyboard it is to the left of the Home key.

on my old keyboard, that is the help button, I will try it! Thanks!

I will have a look! Thanks!

That worked on my old clunker noisy keyboard! Thanks to both of you! :grinning: