Is there anything special about the ‘connect’ anchor?

By the way: Is there anything special going on with anchors called connect? @SCarewe mentioned it recently.

Yes, at least in the sense that you cannot use multiple connect anchors like connect_2, connect_3, etc. – use a different name such as Connect with a capital C.

According to the inline documentation, ‘the “connect” anchor connects without the underscore in the connecting glyph’.

So you can add a bunch of anchors like connect1, connect2, etc., in all glyphs involved, and you can freely connect their components with each other.

Well I searched in the online handbook for ‘connect anchor’, but I couldn’t find any description of this. Is it in there?

Not in the handbook. I assume this was once introduced to accommodate an existing, specific workflow.

I’m confused now, you said

According to the inline documentation

What is inline documentation? Online? In the Glyphs app help section? In the Glyphs source code? Where?

inside the source code :slight_smile:

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