Isolate arabic glyphs are not loaded

Arabic font that I’ve created with Glyphapp everywhere works properly but in the Kindle book reader isolate Arabic glyphs are not loaded. (In this picture you can see what happened)

What is the problem?

Can you double check the character stream with UnicodeChecker?

I started the project from an empty file in Glyphsapp, and I’ve added all Arabic glyphs from the “Glyph info window” to the font.
Unicode glyphs are correct.
I think this is a particular problem in the type of open-type table.
Arabic fonts, which were previously made in other software, did not have this problem.

Can you send me the .glyphs file and the text?

Yes . I sent you a font and e-book

I added the .isol to Isolate letters Unicode, and the problem with that letter was solved.
For example (dal-ar > dal-ar.isol) this caused (062F > FEA9)
Why does the glyphsapp do not add .isol when generate these glyphs ?!
Do I need to do this manually for all isolated letters?

It is thinkable that the default character is not drawn as isolated.

You can batch process all letters: Duplicate the glyphs (Cmd-D), find and replace (Cmd-Shift-F) the suffix with .isol.

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I think it would be better for Glyphsapp to add .isol glyphs like .init .medi .fina when generate arabic glyphs.

You can also add 2 Unicode’s into one glyph instead of duplicating the isolated letters.
And make sure that you updated the features every time.


Yes, I did it exactly.

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Is there an easy way to script this?
Or to script double unicodes for specific glyphs? (I need to run this in many fonts that have this same issue)

Which part of the scripting do you need help on? Try the GSGlyph.addUnicode_() function, it takes a string like FE80 as an argument.

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Thanks, that helped! I was first thinking of recognizing somehow the glyphs that contain isolated, but since it is specific for Arabic I just did it with a list and the GSGlyph.addUnicode_()

I fixed this. You can add a “Use Arabic Presentation Form Unicodes” parameter in the Font Info. That will assign the presentation unicode do the suffixed glyphs and the code of the .isol glyphs to the base. Will be in version 3213.

That parameter is available for some time, was wasn’t assigning the .isol codes, yet.

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