⚠️ ISSUE: “A problem was encountered when Undoing”

“A problem was encountered when Undoing
All Undo’s for this glyph have been removed and should now work normally again.”

This is the window I get when I try to undo CMD+Z. Despite this message, the problem persists and causes the software to crash. It’s quite annoying! Could you help? Many thanks
I have the latest version of Glyphs 3.2

To contextualize: I didn’t do anything in particular this morning apart from downloading the “Show glyphs in their colours” plugin. Thinking that was the cause of the problem, I deleted the plugin afterwards. But the problem persists, even after restarting my computer :frowning:

I should point out that I’ve already followed the advice here: Pannes | Glyphs
The bug is still there.

Does this still occur when you run Glyphs in the no-plugins-mode (Hold Opt+Shift while launching Glyphs from the Dock)?

Yes, I’ve already tried to open Glyphs with no plugin and the problem persists.
At first I thought that the plugin I installed this morning was the cause, but even if I delete it, the error window still appears. I’m working on Glyphs (the type designer doesn’t have Sundays lol), and I’m trying to find systems to avoid undo but it’s taking so long…

I have the impression that the plugin I installed and then uninstalled has made a bit of a mess of my software. Wouldn’t there be some caches to clear or something? Unfortunately I don’t know enough about it.
Here is a screencast: Enregistrement de l’écran 2023-07-02 à 11.42.04.mov - Google Drive
You can’t see it on the video, but I undid (cmd+z) several times until the message appeared. (And if I continue Glyphs crashes)

Just curious: Your video shows Glyphs still with plugins loaded and running, though.

If it is running without plugins (it shows a blue badge in the top right corner of the window, that plugins are disabled), does it also happen with other fonts? And/or with a new file?

Do you see anything in the Macro Panel output?

If you are in a hurry and need to work on your file, you can also try an older version of Glyphs. You can always have multiple versions simultaneously. One very stable version I still use a lot for production work is 3151. (But of course it is good to report such bugs, so that they can be fixed.)

Yes sorry the video was taken after my test without the plugins. I should have taken it during too. But in both cases the bug was there.

The problem was common to all the files I opened, yes. Unfortunately I didn’t have the reflex to open the Macro panel when the bug occurred. I didn’t see anything in particular.

Nevertheless, I used Glyphs again this morning and the bug seems to have gone. I downloaded the previous version but ended up using 3.2 and my “undo” seems to be working fine today. I didn’t do anything special though, which is very strange!

Thank you very much for your help in any case, I’ll come back to you if the bug resurfaces.

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When the error happens so frequently, then you seem to use a function that is causing this. If you can narrow it down, it would be of great help.

Do you use any scripts?

Hi Georg!
I’d like to help you, but I don’t really know what the problem was.
But yes, I can give you a list of the scripts I used:
– HT Letter Spacer
– Remove Metric Keys
– RMX tools
I think that’s all. :wink:

I get this quite a lot, too. I was wondering if it’s because I work in the cloud. Are you working directly on Dropbox or other Cloud?

Those plugins can cause undo bugs as they are not handling it correctly in all cases. It would be good if you could narrow it down to one of them. Then we’ll can have a look at it. And make sure that you have the latest version of those plugins.

Dropbox and such shouldn’t matter.

I saw that I could update RMX tool, I don’t think that’s where the problem comes from but of course I’ll take care of it ;). Since then, the problem hasn’t returned and I continue to use these scripts.

@acutestudio I don’t use any cloud. :wink: