ISSUE AT EXPORT SOME GLYPHS LIKE Oslashacute, dcroat, hbar - BUILD [1265]

I made Oslashacute with Oslash -that have bracket layers- and acutecomb. The sign appear right in Glyphsapp but the bracket is ignored when the VF is exported. The same issue with lowercase.
dcroat and hbar was made with base sign and strokeshortcomb, both glyphs appear right in Glyphsapp but are exported with problems. Strokeshortcomb it’s scaled in Black masters.
The same issues tested at AxisPraxis and FontGauntlet.


Can you post a screenshot of the layer panel?

Layers for Oslash and Oslashacute

Bracket layers from components don’t shine through. So you need to repeat the bracket layers. I’ll need improve this.

There are scripts around that can add those layers.

The construction for Oslashacute, oslashacute (without repetiton of bracket layers), dcroat and hbar don’t work for VF’s but work if I generate static instances.

If you add the bracket layers, they will also work in VF. We had a similar issue recently. In that thread I posted a Python snippet for recreating the Bracket layers in the compound glyphs.

Edit: here it is:

I was able to solve the problems in dcroat and hbar.
Both glyphs had scaled the strokeshortcomb component in the Black layer, so I generated a new strokeshortcomb.fino that replaced the original.

I ran the script in macro to solve Oslahacute and oslashacute but the issues still there.

I solved the issue composing Oslashacute as O + slashlongcomb + acutecomb. Same composition for lowercase.

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The previous one was a nested component?

Previous scheme
Oslash >> O + slashlongcomb
Oslashacute >> Oslash + acutecomb