Issue/Python/FontTools & Plugin Manager

Hi everyone! I don’t know why but I’m having this problem. I bought Glyphs 3 —just now xd—
and I tryed to install the rest of modules as a Python, Vanilla & FontTools. But desafortunatelly doesn’t work :frowning: . I check all packages and I’m get Python 3.10.2 and FontTools v4.28.5.
I had install the Scripts for example, but when I try that it run, it doesn’t. Furthermore, what Python version could recommend me due to Glyphs aparentelly doesn’t recogonize some plugins.

What happens if you run this in the macro panel:

import sys

I suspect that the Glyphs Python failed to install property and that the python misses the pyobjc module.

Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 8.20.18 AM

In Preferences, select the Python version with "(Glyphs)” at the end or install pyobjc for the Python version that you have downloaded from

Thank you for your answer Florian. But, I think that doesn’t work too. I installed the pyobjc module, and I changed the Python selection wirh Glyphs and still doesn’t recognized the Plugins & Scripts. I installed Pedro Arilla’s Script but aren’t shown at the Menu. Also, It still with a issue and don’t run RoboFab & FonTools. Any idea :(? —and I was just bought it this morning—

Please remove the Glyphs python from the repositories folder and install it again from the plugin manager. Then restart Glyphs, check the python setting in preferences and if it was not set to the Glyphs python already, set it and restart again.