Issue with ccmp_Other_3 - Rule type incompatible

I am running into the issue seen below. The code is generated automatically, but then Glyphs complains about it, so I assume it’s a bug.

That’s using the latest Glyphs 3.0.1 on MacOS 10.13.6.

The first rule is a ligature substitution (combing two glyphs into one). The three “red” ones are single substitutions (one glyph by another). Each lookup needs to only contain the same type of substitutions. Is this code automatically generated? Then I need to have a look. Could you send me that file?

Yes, it is generated. If I delete the feature and click “Update” it reappears like this.

I have sent you the .glyphs file.

This is fixed for me in v3034.

Thank you!