Issue with Hebrew Cantilation marks dehi-hb and yetiv-hb

If a dehi-hb or yetiv-hb come after any bottom Hebrew mark - they should be connected to the bottomright anchor of the Hebrew mark. Not to the bottomright anchor of the Hebrew letter. This should happen also if there is a meteg-hb (or any other Hebrew Cantillation mark) in between.

Has anyone encountered this issue and figured out a solution? Thanks ◔‿◔

Here’s visual explanations:
yetiv glyphs issue.pdf (70.0 KB)

I believe @yanek was facing the same or a similar issue at one point. Yanek, do you remember how we solved the problem back then?

I spoke to Yanek earlier and it seems, that it is working in his version of glyphs (v2.6.4 build1282). But not in my cutting edge version. So maybe it is a bug?

So I tried downgrading my Glypsapp version from here: to check if it is a version issue and the file links don’t seem to work on that page.

These are all the download links ever since:

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OK, I installed v2.6.4 build 1282 and it doesn’t work. Maybe I wasn’t clear in my explanation…

The dehi-hb and yetiv-hb marks should be connected to the bottomright anchor of the Hebrew mark. The Hebrew marks automaticly already have that anchor (when I generate the anchors command+U) but it doesn’t seem to do anything. It seems like a bug.

For example this segol-hb has a bottomright anchor but the dehi-hb and yetiv-hb marks which both have a _bottomright anchor. So when I type any Hebrew letter > segol-hb > dehi-hb then the dehi-hb should connect to the segol-hb and NOT to the Hebrew letter.

שֶ֭ שֶֽ֭ ש֭
And if I type any Hebrew letter > dehi-hb the dehi-hb should connect to the Hebrew letter.

Anybody? :face_with_monocle:

I believe we had a different solution than this implementation (it would only work if they both had the same anchor strain, i.e., either bottom or bottomright). I do not remember exactly what it was though, and I do not have the emails from back then anymore.

I am pretty sure we tried contextual positioning but do not remember if that is what worked in the end.

pos segol-hb dehi-hb' <-40 0 0 0>;

Another option is to to have a second variant of dehi-hb, that gets swapped in contextually:

sub segol-hb dehi-hb' by dehi-hb.connect;

dehi-hb has the regular _bottomright, and dehi-hb.connect has a _bottom anchor.

Thanks for you answer. The problem is that there are to many possible combinations of other Cantilation marks that can come between these two Hebrew marks segol-hb and dehi-hb. and each Hebrew letter has a different width.

Please take a look at the middle example here:

What makes the most sense is that the dehi-hb (in green) should respond to the qamats-hb (in red) and connect to it via the bottomright anchor which they both already have.
The problem is that at export Glyphsapp seems to ignore the bottomright of the qamats-hb and instead connect the dehi-hb to the bottomright of the shin-hb letter. It should be connected to the bottomright of the qamats-hb.