Issue with Mekkablue's Layered Font to Color CPAL script


I’m working with a layered font and I want to convert it in a CPAL color font.
Mekkablue’s script works fine, but it creates a default layer with a mix of all the layers instead of just the first layer. I’d like to have just the top layer as default layer.

Also, is this the correct setup?

Thanks in advance!

You can export a layer font as COLR directly. Or do you like to add/change more stuff only possible in with Color X layers?

I didn’t know it was possible to export directly without the sublayers. Is there any documentation about it?

I just want to set specific colors to the layers. If it’s possible to do it from the layer fonts it’s perfect for me.

Oh, now I see the online Handbook:

I’ll check it. Thanks!

That’s intentional. Some renderers take the fallback layer’s bounding box for clipping.

Oh, I should use the script then.
The layers with glyphs that are components paste together automatically aligned side by side so I should decompose before running the script.