Issue with MyFonts validation

Hi, this week I was experiencing an error in the MyFonts upload platform that I don’t know how to solve.
In the image I show a screenshot of a font that was validated perfect a few months ago and I did the test to regenerate it with the latest version of Glyphs and it generates the following error.
The first version MyFonts recognizes it as TTFV but the second one as TT.
In Adobe programs or in Font Goggles they work fine but the problem is generated in the validator because if I want to upload the individual OTF styles together with the TT variable the system gives error. With the version that recognizes as TTFV this error does not appear.
MyFonts says that they did not modify anything and from my side I find that variable fonts that I have generated in the past are recognized as TTFV and the most current ones only as TT.
Any ideas? (Glyphs version 3.2 3199)

That is the error when I uploaded OTF and Variable together in their system.

Here is an image of 4 variable fonts tested together. 3 of them were generated by me a few months ago and they preview as TTFV, the last one has been generated this week and its previewing as TT. The conflict between OTF y TT Variable happens in MyFonts only with TT, with TTFV they pass the test.

I m not sure where is the conflict, if at MyFonts validation or at Glyphs latest versions generated variable files.

I’ll have a look at the files you sent me. I’d be curious to know what their criterion is for determining what’s a variable font and what not.

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Thanks @mekkablue for adding the DSIG fix to the repository.

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Hi, I’m having the same issue (MyFonts recognizing the file as TT vs TTFV), but don’t understand how the fix works. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks so much!
(Glyphs 3.2 3217)

Missing DSIG is not an issue anymore in 3217. What exactly is the report from MyFonts?

I have a variable ttf and a bunch of otf’s. When I try to upload the complete family the Font Validator flags the two different file formats, like in Ale Paul’s second post here. I had Monotype support look at the files. They said the variable font’s flavor should be TTFV (TrueType Variable), but mine apparently is labeled as TTF (TrueType Font).

I have a variable font from about two years ago (not released on MyFonts), when I upload the file MyFonts recognizes it as TTFV.

Any thoughts on this? Really appreciate the help :pray:

MyFonts accept only one font format for one family (submission) – or all .otf files, or all .ttf files. Never mind if there are static or variable .ttf (which marked by Font Validator as TTFV).

Hi Michael, according to Monotype support — and my own experience with an older type family — it is possible, as long as the variable font is flavored TTFV (TrueType Variable) vs TTF (TrueType Font). The question is why does the Font Validator recognize newer exports of variable fonts as TTF and not TTFV.

Hi! I get it, the Glyphs version is matter. A few weeks ago I exported variable font from Glyphs 3.1.2, and Font Validator on the FontPlatform recognizes the file as OT TTFV (that mean, as usual).


Can you send me the file that works and the one that doesn’t?

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Hi there,
same issue here. Any update on that?

Which issue exactly? Can you paste the error message?

Sorry for not being more specific. I’m referring to the fact that with the new versions of Glyphs, the font validator on MyFonts sees the variable fonts as TTF and not as TTFV.

I’m having the same problem. I’m exporting a family as 2 different variable fonts (regular & italic), one of them is recognized by myfonts as OT TTFVF, the other one is read as TT. Exported within seconds of each other from the latest Glyphs version.

Try the latest beta please. Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.