Issue with tab in Glyphs 3

Hi, I have an issue with tabs: when I open a new tab, and I click on another, then I lose the last I opened.
Thanks in advance

Can you post a screen recording?

Hi, I also have an issue. Over 3 tabs, the others does not appear sometimes, when in 1st 3 tabs I have a lot of text lines

Can you place the mouse on the tab bar an scroll up or down?

yes it works. I feel I was more comfortable with the behavior of G2, but I will get used to this new one :slight_smile:

Sorry, it doesn’t work for me… It’s also happened over 3 tabs.

in general, I find the tabs are much too long. They could be shortened, even if there is free room in the tabs bar. No need to use all the screen for 2 or 3 tabs as they become unreadable when too long. Especially when you work in full screen mode, it really looks insane. G2 handled it better.

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