Issues related to the custom metrics settings

Hi! I’m working on a plugin for setting metrics for individual glyphs. Then there are some issues related to the UI and logic for this.

  1. For CJK characters, there is only a frame on the edit view, even if we add some custom metrics. These metrics are there (e.g. you can see the brown diamond if there’s a point at that position), but we can’t see it. So please consider to make the custom metrics visible for CJK things.

  1. The filter will be displayed in the metric’s name, but I think it useless and cumbersome at most cases, especially when the filter is too complicated. To leave only the name here should be enough.

  1. When the filter becomes much complicated, the UI will be terrible. Hopeful there can be a scrollbar.

Thank you!

Consider using tags to mark the glyphs with a certain metric. Then, use a Tags contains sometagname filter in the metric scope.

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