Issues with a single character

I have been creating my own icon font and one character has been giving me trouble. This is a character that I drew in Glyphs. When I type it, it is as if it has been kerned WAY over to the left. In IE8 half of the character is missing.

When I open the character up it seems fine except in the gray overlay panel at the bottom, the W: shows as 600 but R: shows as a 12 digit negative number. When I set this number to 0, I end up with a 12 digit number in W:. Even after I have deleted the icon, this behavior persists

In other characters the gray panel shows W: 600 and R:0.

Is there any way to fix this or should I move the icon to another letter? I would rather not move the icon as it relates to the letter in question.


You seem to have some stray nodes way off to the right. Can you select all (cmd+A) and then shift+drag select all visible nodes (to unselect them) then hit delete.

It that does not help, could you send me the file?

Yes, that worked! Now I am back on track.

Thanks very much!