Issues with Chinese vertical typesetting in Apple apps (VMTX / VHEA)

We found some issues while testing vertical typesettings with a Chinese typeface designed with Glyphs 3. We reckon that it has something to do with the VMTX / VHEA tables.

We’ve defined the vertical width (1000) within the Glyphs App, and the vertical typesetting in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Microsoft Word looks just fine. Only when we run into problems while testing vertical typesetting within Apple Pages and Keynote.

After inspection, we think that the missing VMTX table (or VHEA table?) in the exported .otf file might be causing this problem. Yet, we are not sure why the VMTX or VHEA tables were not written into the .otf file while exporting.

We were just speculating that perhaps there are hidden operations in the background that it would write the VMTX and VHEA tables only when the Glyphs App had recognised the need to.


Vertical typesetting in Glyphs 3, looks fine.

Vertical typesetting in Adobe Illustrator, no problem at all.

Vertical typesetting in Apple Pages, vertical width reduced.

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Can you send me the .glyphs file and the Illustrator and Pages documents?

Thanks for the help! Just sent it through personal message, please take a look. Thank you so much :smile: