Issues with Exporting OTF Files, OTF file does not export

I have issues exporting my glyphs file, when I try to export the regular and bold weights. Instead of just exporting a otf file, it creates an entire folder for my font without creating an otf file.

This is making it very difficult to reference my normal weight while designing the bold and very difficult to test out my font. If there’s anything that could be done about this, I’d greatly appreciate it to help my workflow. Thank you!

It looks like you’re looking in the Glyphs Temp directory. Those tend to be intermediary files that Glyphs generates to export the actual .otf font file. When you selected File > Export… (Command-E), after choosing the export options for the otf export, pressing Next… should have displayed a panel to select your export folder. The .otf file will be in that directory.