Italic angles at an exact angle

I think I know the answer here but thought I would ask it. I am designing an italic, from a regular vertical, for a client and they want an exact percent angle. When I apply 5 degrees on the angle, it gets something close to that but not exactly 5 degrees of a slant. I am assuming this has to do with pixel grid and snapping. Is there a way to get exactly 5 degrees or is it just the grid system going to get in the way?

I have always been curious if there was a way to get around that because (even with the “disable automatic alignment”) when importing a logo, I can’t get it to ever look right bc it’s snapping to a grid. I know that is a different issue but in the same bucket.

Thank you for your time! Appreciated.

Increase the UPM to 2000; at least that will give you some leeway to make necessary adjustments.

The alignment parameter has nothing to do with point placement or rounding (it is about positioning of components).

What amount of deviation from 5° do you see? I just tired it for a stem with a height of 700. Slanting it by 5° resulted in an offset of 62 units and an actual angle of 5.061° this is pretty close. It tunes out the slating can cause a small rounding issue when slanted on the center of the height. So the better slating offset would be 61 resulting in an angle of 4.980°. If you still need more precision, you need to disable the grid.

Thanks Georg. Yeah, it’s that same fraction you saw, it’s really wild and I never guessed that this would be an ‘issue’ - but it is. To disable grid you go into ‘other settings’ and disable automatic alignment? I never have done that before, or knew it was possible but looks like someone will be be redoing a project.

No. Again the automatic alignment is to position components.
You need to set the grid to zero.

Or, what I have done once: draw it upright, but in such a way that slanting it 5 degrees will look right.

Thanks all. It’s been a strange journey but basically my take away is there is no way to get an exact slant, even if you have a square, no grid and then you slant x percent. My client will show me a “5 degree” angle in illustrator and I will test on my computer (same font files, same apps) and it will be .000x percent off from theirs every time. It’s a strange thing but a path I would not recommend anyone going down. :slight_smile: