Italic Extremes plugin broken

The latest commit on this plugin fixes an error for cutting edge 3.2 but breaks the plugin for stable 3.1.2. Is it possible to revert this commit until 3.2 is released? Or add a couple lines of code to make it work for both versions of Glyphs?

You can use the original instead of the fork, that should work in 3.1.

Funny, I stumbled across this exact issue today myself (but the other way round: I was trying to use the original plugin in 3.2).

Can you try again? I hope I fixed it.

@GeorgSeifert this plugin is broken again. I think something has changed since the Vanilla update you pushed recently.

It seems like the size of the vanilla.Tab object is being calculated wrong, so the UI is broken:

But I don’t think the problem is in Vanilla, because if you add one line to the plugin, to force the window to open separately, then it looks correct.

class ItalicExtremes(FilterWithDialog):
	def loadPlugin(self):

It is a caused by changed in vanilla. I updated it recently because of other issues. I just reset it to the commit we had before (fix deprecated warning (#169)) and that fixes the dialog. Now I need to step through all commits to find the change, to understand what’s causing this.

I found the commit that causes this: Rewrite Tabs to use NSTabViewController. (14983323aa08eaa51e181da6f57490892ef1dd01) MacOS Ventura and vanilla.Tabs · Issue #172 · robotools/vanilla · GitHub