Italic feature request

Hi, I have a question regarding the .italics feature I have implemented for lower case a: It really works well, but I would need to access the italic drawings of double-storey a to apply the same width changes as the upright versions of “a”.
Where can I find the perfectly replaced italics?
Thank you

Hi again. I could not solve the problem by myself yet. But my question also had a crucial mistake: Of course it wasn’s about the .italics feature, but the rename glyphs custom parameter.

I need to redo the widths of a double-storey “a”. The new widths should also be applied to the italic versions of double-storey a, although they are being replaced by using rename glyphs.
But there are some apps where the parameter does not show any effect, e.g. VariFont for AfterEffects, which I use for producing small videos to show variable fonts in motion.
So when the animation changes between upright and italic the a remains double-storey.
In order to make that animation smooth I need to access the italics of double-storey a to keep the widths in sync. But when I open “a” in edit window and switch to italics, the new single-storey a is shown.
So, in short, my call for help:
How can I access the italic versions of double-storey a in a font with “rename glyphs” replacements?
Thanks again

oops, another self-reply …
I’ve got it now, it’s all in the layers palette!

Was this about a variable font export or static fonts?

about a variable font