Italics corner components

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I’ve gone back and forth with italics and corner components. And there seem to be an issue with the way corner components are handled in slanted/italic versions.
If you are making an italic serif or use ink traps you need to slant those corner components. But when you do that the origin becomes a bit off and they are handled strangely. You can work around the strange handling, but then you would have to go through all the glyphs corner components again for all the masters. But it’s not possible to work abound the misalignment if you use a grid of fx. 1.
Feature Request: I would suggest that you cannot slant corner components manually and then slanted versions of the corner components are handled by Glyphs app automatically, dependent on the italic angle you set in the master.


You need to draw an upright serif. I would do that anyway as it need to be a bit bigger.

here is a sample file:
Italic Corners.glyphs (2.6 KB)

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Thanks for the response and exemplification, Georg!
That makes sense, but it also implies that you suddenly need at least 6 types of serifs when you want to create a serif that can be italic. This is because you won’t be able to mirror any of the serif components.
That’s why I still think it would be better if the serif component is slanted by Glyphs automatically after it’s applied — Just as a feature request.

Why six?

I don’t think it is a good idea to slant them. There is already a lot going on when the corners are matched to the paths.

I also count six: bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right, up and down. :slight_smile: I’m also struggling with corner components and cap components in italic serifs. @GeorgSeifert Would it be possible to expand your sample file with more glyphs to better understand how to use the corner components on italic serifs? Maybe with the usual suspects A E K T V X Z and then n including cap components for the terminals? :grimacing:

Bottom right and top left are the same.

True, that makes two corner less :slightly_smiling_face:
How would you handle angle distortion when scaling corners? For example the top left corner on V needs to be shorter but when scaling the angle changes. Also, the right and left anchors for adjustment on non-perpendicular corners have an impact on all corners because for example H now has non-perpendicular corners too. It would help a lot (at least for me) if you could extend you sample file to better understand how you handle these corners. Maybe I’m just blind… :man_shrugging:

You can fine tune the position of the serifs. Have a look at the refined sample file. There are some extra anchors in the corner glyphs. Open the _corner.left and the “A” in the edit view and move the “left” anchor up and down.

Italic Corners.glyphs (5.4 KB)

Thanks for the update Georg. This works great in a roman font. But in an italic font this changes the serifs on H I and so on as well, since the corners are non-perpendicular too (see video attached). Or am I missing something? (794.3 KB)

You are right. I adjusted the size of the left and right serif to counter that. But I need to look into this if I can compensate internally.

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